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Unity is our strength! That is our focus as we begin to reopen and revive our parish in 2021. Currently we have recruited a great group of professionals who are working together to lay plans to promote our parish businesses and tourism opportunities.

A strong parish chamber will help local business owners grow their business, find employees, obtain information from SBA, other Chambers, and Governmental Entities. It will provide a network of professional who will work together to build each other’s businesses by providing services to each other. The chamber will showcase employment opportunities. It will facilitate communication between employers and schools to collaborate to provide employers with skilled employees. It will also notify business leader and professionals about continuing education opportunities for current employees.

The chamber will work with our Police Jury and local/state government to identify Grant Opportunities that can benefit local needs in our towns. An active Chamber will serve as a promoter of local tourism through social media, news stories, radio, and television.

This is a huge task for a small parish. We will continue work in our communities to advocate for our local needs. Your local chamber plans to be here to help and provide support for businesses and employees in our parish.

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